AGC Supported Legislation Reforming Workforce Development System Passes Senate
June 28, 2014

In a rare display of bipartisanship, the Senate overwhelmingly passed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act by a vote of 95-3. This bipartisan legislation will streamline the workforce development system, giving states greater flexibility to address worker shortages and strengthening employer engagement. AGC urged Senators to support the bill and marked it as a key vote.

AGC supports the WIOA because it refocuses federally funded workforce training towards in-demand occupations, in-demand skills, real-world job opportunities, and real-time business needs that help prepare workers for jobs in construction. The bill would give priority consideration to training that leads to industry-recognized credentials. It also offers significantly enhanced incentives and opportunities for employers and employer associations to engage more actively. Lastly, the bill strengthens registered apprenticeship programs.

This legislation now moves to the House where it is expected to be considered in the next couple of weeks. Please take a minute to send a letter of support to your Representative by using the AGC Legislative Action Center.

For more information, please contact Jim Young at (202) 547-0133 or