AGC Asks for DERA Funding in 2015 Appropriations Bill
April 04, 2014

AGC, along with a broad-based diesel coalition, sent letters to the HouseHouse and Senate Appropriations Committees encouraging them to include $30 million in their fiscal year 2015 funding bill for grants, loans, and rebates made possible by the Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA).  The program has an annual authorization of $100 million.

AGC chapters – working with AGC of America – have won millions in federal funds to support AGC members’ voluntary “retrofit” projects.  The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program has awarded and distributed funding provided by DERA through a competitive grant program to incentivize and support many clean-diesel projects.  AGC chapters and members have voluntarily applied for and won millions of dollars in EPA diesel retrofit grants, in addition to leveraging millions more in matching and in-kind contributions to help their members afford the high cost of reducing emissions from construction equipment.

Future federal funding for the DERA program remains uncertain.  The president’s fiscal year 2015 budget failed to provide any funds for DERA.   AGC is focused on ensuring both the administration and Congress recognize the importance of the program and that they provide greater financial assistance to the many equipment owners who seek a fair and effective way to reduce emissions from existing fleets of off-road equipment

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