AGC Celebrates America Recycles Day
November 13, 2012

With America Recycles Day coming up on Nov. 15, members of AGC’s Environmental Forum Steering Committee stepped forward to share their achievements and observations on how construction recycling goes much farther and tackles much larger amounts of material than everyday recycling. We have put together a document, in addition to this article, to really show just what AGC members are doing to promote recycling.

Use of loading dock for recycling at Kitchell Contractors project in Phoenix, Ariz.

America Recycles Day has helped millions of Americans become better informed about the importance of recycling and using products made from recycled materials.   But did you know that new technology, creative thinking, and ongoing concerns for the environment have made recycling just another day on the job at construction sites everywhere?  Add your recycling efforts to what some AGC members are doing and you’ll discover a whole lot of recycling going on.

All it takes is one major commercial construction project: concrete, steel, asphalt and wood are all fair game, as well as less obvious things like oil, shingles and wash water.  Ames Construction recycles thousands of tons of concrete each year through its Western Region Concrete Recycle Program.  APAC KS-MO has created a shingle recycling program that benefits the company and the environment in several ways. Kiewit Corporation jobs most frequently recycle steel, concrete, asphalt and used oil.  At Kitchell Contractors, recycling, reuse and waste minimization are mandatory on all projects – per the company’s Construction Environmental Management Program.  Lane Construction conserves resources at many of its facilities through water treatment and re-use and other innovative recycling methods.  Ranger Construction’s largest contribution to recycling is the company’s use of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP).  Click here to get the full scoop on what these AGC member companies are doing to help our environment.

“America Recycles Day is Thursday, Nov. 15. This national event gives us a great opportunity to recognize and improve our recycling habits that extends to our projects, our offices and to our homes.”  Connie A. Determan, Chairperson, AGC Environmental Forum Steering Committee and Vice President, Kiewit Corporation.

More contractors are recycling on site, saving money on landfill fees, new materials, and even wear and tear on trucks taking waste to landfill sites.  What is more, converting waste into raw materials through recycling creates jobs, builds more competitive manufacturing industries and adds significantly to the economy, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

AGC encourages more members to join its Environmental Forum and its movement to raise awareness and educate the public on the benefits of recycling.  Share your recycling success with AGC by emailing Melinda Tomaino, Director of Green Construction, at